TOOLbox Pro

TOOLbox Pro, LEDcode, DALI & DMX parameter programmer

45.4 € HT / 54.48 € TTC
Available online shop : 5 unit(s)
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Warranty: 3 Years

The TOOLbox pro is an easy-to-use, powerful configuration device for your eldoLED LED driver. The TOOLbox pro is always used with the freely downloadable FluxTool software.


Program the LED driver via its LEDcode interface to set precise configuration parameters, and to create or edit LED driver profiles.


For more information on compatibility of your LED driver with the various FluxTool and TOOLbox pro versions, see the compatibility sheet in the Download section.

Weight 0,03 kg
Dimensions 7,62 × 3,20 × 2,54 cm

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