LEDLUX LX RGBW Linear – Color and White

LEDLUX is a modular and flexible system, allowing you to combine different shapes and types of LED lighting in one object, e.g. linear and surface applications. LEDLUX offers the highest level of flexibility and modularity. The comprehensive component system has the right solution for almost any lighting design challenge: Wide-area and linear light inserts for outdoors or indoors, wide and narrow optics, brilliant white light, saturated colours, lighting suitable for cameras thanks to flicker-free dimming or controllable colour temperature with high Ra. From simple applications, like display illumination through to integration in complex building installations, e.g. in bus systems like KNX. The system LEDLUX is constantly refined. We are happy to advise you to find the suitable solution for your project.

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LEDLUX LX RGBW Linear – color and white

The linear RGBW light insert stands out through its dynamic light and can be integrated into the architecture in a modular fashion. In so doing, the light element fascinates through its precisely controllable coloured light, even light distribution and high-quality white light.

  • Modular component system guarantees maximum design flexibility and scalability in the object
  • More than 250,000 product variants provide the right light for every idea
  • Brilliant white light, rich colours and pastel shades from one luminaire by combining RGB and white LED
  • Weatherproof housing for use outdoors
  • Various abstract characteristics make focused illumination possible

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