DUALdrive 1290/M

DL1290M : DUALdrive AC, 120W, DALI, 2 ballasts, constant current, 4x 90V outputs, long metal

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DUALdrive 1290/M delivers 120W and is DALI compatible.

Being a LightShape LED driver, DUALdrive 1290/M allows you to compose the exact shade of white at the right intensity level to complement materials in retail, support productivity in the office, or create the perfect atmosphere in a hospitality environment.


  • Hybrid HydraDrive: provides the smoothest flicker-free high-performance dimming to dark for every fixture
  • LEDcode technology: configurable design to work with most constant current LED modules and arrays, while providing a connection point to integrated peripheral controls
  • NTC interface for robust thermal management


  • Industry-best dimming performance for your fixture/application
  • Wide application area thanks to fully configurable dimming curve
  • Perfect for tunable white applications
  • Compatible with enclosure system DRYverbox 100/M


  • CE
  • EN 61347-1/-2-13, EN 62384, EN 55015, EN 55022, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61547, EN 62386-101/102/207
  • EL
  • RCM by SAA

Input characteristics
Nominal input voltage range AC 220 – 240V (ENEC)
Absolute input voltage range AC 196 – 264V
Nominal input voltage range DC 176 – 250V
Maximum input current 0.65A @ 230V / 50Hz
Input frequency range 47 – 63Hz
Efficiency at full load 87%
Power factor at full load > 0.9
THD at full load < 20%
Maximum inrush current 61.2A @ 230V / 50Hz
Surge protection 2kV differential mode (DM) ; 4kV common mode (CM)
Maximum standby power 0.5W ; If no load connected to the AUX output

Output characteristics
Maximum LED output power 120W
Number of LED outputs 2
Programmable LED output current range 150 – 1400mA
LED output type Programmable in 1mA increments within specified current range
LED output current tolerance +/- 5% at programmed LED output current
LED output voltage range 60 – 87V
Auxiliary output 15.5-25V DC, 18mA max

Control characteristics
Control channels 2
Control protocol DALI version-1, Device Type 6 ; LEDcode
Dimming range 100% – 0.1%
Dimming curve options Logarithmic (default) ; Linear
LightShape Tunable White, 2x pc-white
Dimming method Hybrid HydraDrive
Time delay to standby < 30s

Dimensions 37 × 4.1 × 3 cm

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