The OHR2 is based on the new “Elements” technical platform,

The OHR2 is an IP67/IK10 lighting solution designed to be installed in standard handrail systems with 27 x 30 cm  grooves. It allows to have several light powers, lighting in white, dynamic white, RGB and 3 light beams 15×65°, Asymmetric 01, Asymmetric 02.

A large choice of colors: white ranging from 2200K to 4000K, dynamic white from 2200K to 5700K and RGB.

Small profile: 27mm x 30mm x length from 385mm to 1035mm.

The OHR2 is supplied with 48 Vdc.

IP67 connectors ensure easy, reliable and waterproof installation

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The handrail insert OHR2 is also available in a higher performance class “Level 3” for a temperature range from -20 ° to + 35 ° C.

Alternatively, RGB is also possible in a 24V variant. Just talk to us about it.

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