LN200D-D2Z1D : LINEARdrive DC, 8A, 12-28VDC, DALI, Dim to Warm, 1 ballast, dual channel, constant voltage, plastic long

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LINEARdrive 200D-D2Z1D is a constant voltage LED driver. It features two LED outputs that are controlled via DALI. Both LED outputs are controlled over the same ballast, giving them the exact same behaviour.

Being a LightShape LED driver, LINEARdrive 200D-D2Z1D lets you replicate the comfortable feeling of how traditional light sources warm in color as they are dimmed.


  • LightShape: Dim to Warm
  • HydraDrive: provides the smoothest flicker-free high-performance dimming to zero for every fixture
  • LEDcode2: connects to integrated digital accessories, supports location-based IoT applications and enables wired and wireless lighting control through LEDcode peripheral devices


  • Exceptionally smooth colour fades


  • UL Recognized
  • CE
  • ENEC

Input characteristics

  • Nominal input voltage DC 12 – 28V
  • Maximum input current 8A, irrespective of PSU voltage

Output characteristics

  • LED output load 8A maximum, irrespective of whether using one or both LED outputs
  • Maximum LED output power 224W
  • Number of LED outputs 2
  • LED output voltage 12 – 28V
  • Circuit protection : To prevent excessive output current from damaging the LED driver, it is highly recommended to use circuit protection appropriate for your application’s nominal and inrush current requirements in combination with an OVP, OVC short circuit protected AC/DC adapter.

Control characteristics

  • Control channels 1
  • Control protocol :
    • DALI Device Type 6
    • LEDcode2
  • Dimming range 100% – 0.1%
  • Dimming curve options :
    • Logarithmic (default)
    • Linear
  • Dimming method HydraDrive

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