LeDMX4 MAX : Direct sACN/E1.31 and Art-Net to RGB/RGBW addressable SPI pixel strip/array control with built in show recording and external triggering for standalone operation. The most sophisticated feature packed pixel controller on the market.

293.3 € HT / 351.96 € TTC
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Warranty: 2 Years

  • Directly drives WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, WS2813, WS2815, WS2822S, UCS1903, UCS2903, UCS2912, UCS8903, UCS8904, PL9823, TM1934, APA101, SK9822, APA102, APA104, APA106, INK1002, INK1003, SM16703, SK6812, WS2801, LPD6803, LPD8806, DMX512-P, P9813, GS8208, TM1814, TM1914A, TLS3001, SK9822, WS2821A and many more compatible SPI LED strips
  • Up to 680 RGB pixels or 512 addressable RGBW pixels per output spanning 4 DMX universes (2720 RGB pixels / 16 universes per LeDMX4 MAX)
  • Up to 340 16bit RGB pixels or 256 16bit RGBW pixels per output
  • Automatic RGB / RGBW order correction and additional pixel re-mapping features
  • Per pixel intensity control for APA102/SK9822 utilizing the 5bit current pre-regulator
  • Master Level control independent of incoming universe streams
  • Flexible Full Mapping option for outputs permitting any start address and zig-zag corrections for RGB, RGB16, RGBW and RGBW16 pixel types
  • Automatic changeover to alternate mapping parameters for simple low channel count control when primary control source not present
  • Null pixel support for longer runs to first active pixel
  • HTP merge of 2 sources alongside sACN Priority per assigned pixel universe for a highly flexible multi-source pixel mapping solution
  • 4 Independent outputs each with 8A supply capability
  • DMX512 IN/OUT port can be used as pixel universe source, show control input or DMX lighting fixture control output
  • Recording and playback of shows to microSD card (not supplied) – See eDMX MAX Record / Playback manual
  • Real time clock with battery (not supplied) backup for intermittent power standalone playback
  • Art-Net I, II, 3 & 4 + sACN/E1.31 protocol support including universe synchronization
  • Static or DHCP IPv4 networking
  • The LeDMX4 MAX is Integrated DIN rail and wall mount with OEM board also available for integration into your designs
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