The LEDLUX  Linear is based on the new technical platform “Elements”.

The LEDLUX Linear is an IP65 modular system providing homogeneous lighting and several light powers with a 110° beam.

A large choice of colors: White from 2200K to 4000K, dynamic white from 2200K to 5700K and RGB.

The optics are specially designed for a homogeneous rendering with low glare and high transmission.

Small profile: 20.5mm x 24.5mm x length from 172mm to 1959mm.

The Linear LEDLUX is supplied with 48 Vdc and is dimmable by a constant voltage driver.

Thanks to the design of the constant power electronic circuits, we guarantee a constant luminous flux on all the luminaires, even with long cable lengths (up to 100ml).

Ultrasonic welded end caps and IP67 connectors ensure easy, reliable and waterproof installation.

Fixed or rotating mounting clips are available.

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LEDLUX (powered by Elements) is available modularly in the following lengths:

172mm, 253mm, 334mm, 415mm, 497mm, 578mm, 659mm, 740mm, 740mm, 822mm, 903mm, 984mm, 1065mm, 1147mm, 1228mm, 1309mm, 1390mm, 1472mm, 1553mm, 1634mm, 1715mm, 1797mm, 1878mm, 1959mm.

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