Expert Software

Expert Software” is the programming, commissioning and maintenance software for the Pharos Controls Expert product line.

Thanks to its intuitive handling, this software makes it possible for everyone to design professional lighting layouts.

Let “Expert Software” guide you step by step to create your lighting project (position the lights, choose their type, address them, define zones, scenes, timelines and dynamic or static presets, their conditions of trigger, etc.).

Expert Software” is completely free and available for Windows and Mac OS on the Pharos Controls website.

Any further information, please contact us

Key steps for programming your system:

  • Spaces : Graphically define the zones of your project and group the luminaires
  • Scenes : Create the shows you want (static or dynamic) for each zone or each group of zones
  • States : Define the conditions for activating each show (calendar, manual action, or dedicated program)
  • Simulation : Simulate the behavior of your installation offline or live
  • Interfaces : The display pages are automatically generated by the “Expert Software” software according to the configuration of your zones and groups
  • Security : Use “Pharos Cloud” to connect to your installation securely from anywhere.

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