We are specialized in lighting control and smart building

We provide on our product ranges advises and technical support

We do turn key control project 

Know-how and competences of our engineers and our commitment will insure reliability, quality and sustainability of your investment.

We manage your project from defining its specifications, to onsite commissioning and operational follow-up. Our skills, methods, tools and world-famous partners are the best guarantee of success and high yield on your investment. We apply our industrial management methods regardless of the size of your project and manage

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  • 1 DMX KING

    DMXKing is a company based in Auckland, New Zealand manufacturing high quality DMX512 equipment for global markets.

    Our ever growing customer base spans over 30 countries and we look forward to becoming one of your preferred suppliers too.

    Being focused on DMX interface design gives us an edge over our competitors who spread their efforts in multiple directions.

    SoliLED is the DMXking Partner

  • 2 EldoLED

    eldoLED is a world leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent drive solutions for LED based lighting systems.

    Our technologies empower our customers to deliver the promise of LED lighting, smarter, sleeker and more efficient systems to meet the needs of an ever more energy conscious world

    SoliLED is eldoLED partner

  • 3 iLumTech

    iLumTech is a research and development company that blends technology, creativity, and engineering to help customers transform their ideas into world-class products and solutions that follow global trends, focus on energy efficiency and cost reduction, and ensure wellbeing for all.

    iLumTech innovates lighting, optical, and electronic products for various sectors including the lighting, consumer products, entertainment, transport, and security industries.

    SoliLED is iLumTech Partner

  • 4 Pharos Controls

    Pharos Architectural Controls provides advanced lighting control solutions for architecture, themed entertainment and other specialist industries. Our award-winning products are installed across the world, running day and night in international landmarks, theme parks, shopping malls, stadiums, art installations, museums and airports.

    Pharos is part of the Carallon group of companies, an independently-owned product development house specialising in innovative control systems. Its design team is the best of its kind – a group of highly motivated individuals committed to the creation and ongoing development of industry-leading products. Within that team is a wealth of experience in the field of advanced control solutions, with principal members responsible for ground-breaking entertainment lighting control consoles, architectural lighting systems and video processing technology.

    Another member of the Carallon group is Brompton Technology – the market leader in LED video wall processing supplying major events, tradeshows and concert tours worldwide.

    Since 2004, the Pharos team has been privileged to work with outstanding designers, architects and installers, producing solutions and support for complex lighting, art and multimedia installations. The company’s approach has been validated by significant annual sales growth and an increasing number of partnerships with many key lighting manufacturers and dedicated project specialists.

    All Pharos equipment is designed, engineered and manufactured in the United Kingdom, allowing for complete control over the quality of each and every item. Our controllers have been used to illuminate landmark projects including The Shard and London Eye in London, Versailles Gardens in Paris, the Bosphorus Bridges in Istanbul, Madison Square Gardens and the Rockefeller Centre in New York, and in iconic theme parks around the globe.

    SoliLED is Pharos Architecture Controls Partner 

  • 5 InstaLighting

    Insta is an innovative, medium-sized company, part of a group of companies of building installation technology with focus on development and fabrication of products for building systems engineering and lighting technology.

    Founded in 1970 by three well-known manufacturers of electronic installation appliances: Berker, Gebr. Berker GmbH & Co, Schalksmühle; Gira, Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG, Radevormwald and Jung, Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG, Schalksmühle.

    Headquarters: Lüdenscheid, Germany.

    Product range: building systems engineering, LED lighting, lighting control.

    550 employees.

    SoliLED is french partner of INSTA Gmbh

  • 6 Divers

    Accessory products for control, such as cable, connectors,...