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iLumTech is a research and development company that blends technology, creativity, and engineering to help customers transform their ideas into world-class products and solutions that follow global trends, focus on energy efficiency and cost reduction, and ensure wellbeing for all.

iLumTech innovates lighting, optical, and electronic products for various sectors including the lighting, consumer products, entertainment, transport, and security industries.

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DALI 4x Relay 10A

€176.00 Tax excl. - €176.00 Tax incl.

The DALI 4 x Relay is a DALI compatible relay device designed to allow for the independent switching of four devices (luminaires and others) through a DALI interface


€99.00 Tax excl. - €99.00 Tax incl.

DALI Power Supply is a member of the Connected Lighting product family. As a basic element of DALI installations, it provides power supply for all DALI devices. 


€99.00 Tax excl. - €99.00 Tax incl.

The DALI PLC Bridge (hereinafter referred to as “Bridge”) is intended for use as a Master device in a DALI PLC network. It can communicate with DALI PLC-IN devices as well as other Bridge devices.

DALI PLC Separator

€88.00 Tax excl. - €88.00 Tax incl.

The DALI PLC Separator isolates the PLC signal from mains voltage and in doing so separates sources of attenuation from the PLC network and other electronic devices from being impacted by the PLC signal.


€85.80 Tax excl. - €85.80 Tax incl.

The DALI Input Unit is a fully DALI compatible interface, designed to allow customer specified switches, sensors, time clocks or other on/off control devices to be incorporated into a standard DALI installation


€77.00 Tax excl. - €77.00 Tax incl.

DALI PLC-IN belongs to the Connected Lighting product family. This small device is intended to be used inside the luminaire in order to connect the luminaire to the DALI PLC network.