DUALdrive 560/M1

DL0560M : DUALdrive AC, 50W, DALI, 2 control channels, constant current, 2x55V outputs, long metal

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Warranty: 1 Year

DUALdrive 560/M delivers 50W and is DALI compatible. DUALdrive has two separately controllable LED outputs, which can be used for dynamic white LED lighting applications or luminaires that combine task and ambient lighting. With a 21mm depth and 30mm height, this is the ideal driver for T5 form factor luminaires.

Input characteristics
Input voltage AC 120-250V (ENEC approved) ; 120-277V (UL approved)
Input voltage DC 120-250V
Input current 0.7A max
Input frequency 50-60Hz
Efficiency @ full load 89%
Efficiency @ 2/3 load ≥85%
Power factor @ full load >0.9C
THD @ full load <20%
Inrush current negligible: 30mA²s @ 277V
Surge protection 1kV DM, 2kV CM
Standby power <0.5W

Output characteristics
LED output power 50W max
LED output current range 200-1,050mA (settable per output)
LED output current resolution programmable in 1mA steps
LED output current tolerance +/- 5%
LED outputs 2 (UL Class 2)
LED output voltage range 2-55V

Control characteristics
Control channels 2
Dimming protocol DALI
Dimming range 100%-0%
Dimming method Hybrid HydraDrive
Dimming curve linear or logarithmic
Driver configuration with TOOLbox pro and FluxTool software

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 44.40 × 3.00 × 2.20 cm